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How to Choose Lipstick for Different Skin Tones

A wide variety of lipstick colors For different skin tones how to choose lipstick colors, beauty is really love but also can not start. How do you choose the best lipstick color for you?

In addition to picking according to the occasion, the more important point is to choose according to your own skin tone, so that you can find the right lipstick color for you, and you can release your own charm to the maximum.

As the saying goes: There is nothing that one lipstick can't solve, if there is, then two! Lipstick is the most indispensable beauty tool in every girl's bag. Using the right color of lipstick can make your face look beautiful. This value instantly doubles the lethality.

But many girls often have such confusion. The lipstick of the same brand is super bright when others use it, but it will not be bright when you use it yourself? In fact, have you ever wondered how you choose your lipstick? Which one do you think is popular? Or did your friends recommend you to start?

There are still many women who blame their unattractiveness on not having a fair complexion. In fact, you still ignore the most fundamental reason, that is, do you know what skin color you are? Human skin tones are not only divided into black and white but also warm and cool tones. So how do you identify your skin tone and choose a lipstick that suits your skin tone?

Therefore, when we choose lipstick, we must first know what skin color we are and choose the lipstick size that suits us. let's see!


TOP 1: How to distinguish your skin color

Are you cool skinned or warm skinned?

Although our skin tones may seem similar, they can be roughly divided into three types of skin tones:

  • Cool tones - the color of the blood vessels in this skin tone is blue-purple
  • Warm tones - the color of the blood vessels in this skin tone is green
  • Neutrals tones- the veins of this skin tone are blue-green in color
Cool tones mean your skin has a pink, red or blue undertone.
Warm tones mean your skin has an apricot, gold or yellow undertone.

Neutrals, on the other hand, indicate that your skin undertones are neutral tones. The lipstick colors suitable for these three skin tones can be roughly classified into several color segments.

In fact, the lipstick colors suitable for girls with different skin tones are completely different. Only if you choose the correct lipstick according to your skin color, you can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.

TOP2: How to choose lipsticks for different skin tones

What shades are suitable for warm and cold skin?

Different shades of lipstick for different skin tones. The right choice will make you look completely different when you apply it to your lips. Warmer colors are more suitable for people with warmer and yellower skin tones; cooler colors are more suitable for girls with pinkish-white skin tones, and darker colors are most suitable for people with darker skin tones.

  • Fair skin: choose a brightly colored lipstick such as a soft pink. Although it may seem that orange lipsticks and pearlescent rosy lipsticks can be managed, in general, your skin's strengths are better highlighted when you distinguish between warm and cold skin attributes. We can apply a thicker shade in the center of the lips and a lighter stain on the surrounding parts to create a charmingly light and delicate lip. Lipsticks that are too light in color on fair skin can make you look dull.
  • Chocolate dark skin: you can choose the strongest or lightest color. If you are tired of wearing a strong, big red lip, try a nude shade that contrasts with a dark girl's skin tone for everyday wear. Lipstick with a pearlescent effect will make a woman's lips look more sensual and glamorous, so as to create a refreshed impression. Sometimes using lipsticks with pearlescent glitter can show off full personality. Neutral colors can make your skin appear dull.
  • Nude skin: you can choose matte nude lipsticks which are very natural colors and are closer to the color of one's skin. Nude lipstick watercolor is not too two-toned, but it is very full and also very detailed, and applying nude lipstick on the lips is a great way to make the lips more glossy.

TOP3: What lipsticks are suitable for different occasions in different seasons

1.Choose the lipsticks according to the season

  • Lipstick colors can be chosen seasonally. In spring you can use warm tones such as orange, rose, and coral.
  • In summer, you can choose light pink colors that give your lips a glossy look.
  • For autumn and winter, bright orange and darker shades are best.

2.Choose according to the occasion

Going out or doing outdoor activities, a vibrant and glossy lipstick can make you full of energy. Use calm colors for banquets. For occasions such as proms or rave parties, bright lip products with pearlescent and shimmery powders are preferred.

TOP4:How to match your lipstick with your outfit and makeup

You should not choose a lipstick that is too similar to the color of your outfit. If you wear a hot red dress and the same color lipstick, it will look too much.

Try to a lot and enjoy the process.

  • Nude lips can be versatile and are great for everyday looks, but can also be worn with exaggerated eye makeup.
  • Red can add some color to a relatively bland look. But don't wear both red lipstick and very bright, graphically exaggerated clothes.
  • Pink is also a versatile color and there are many different shades of pink. Pink lipsticks are usually just a little lighter than your natural lip color and are both delicate and suitable for everyday looks.
  • Berry colors will give the whole person a subdued tone and can pull off a light and sunny hue. So try pairing a berry color with a neutral-colored outfit.

Lipstick application tips:

  1. Priming the lips, because each of our lip colors is different, it will lead to lipstick on the makeup after the colour difference, so we will not feel good, coated with priming, in the protection of the lips at the same time, but also can make lipstick colour better.
  2. The lipstick should be painted in a good shape, so it is very important to paint the lip line first. This can make our lip makeup look a little fuller and more stylish.
  3. In fact, a lot of exquisite lipstick makeup is not created by a lipstick, learn to apply lipstick overlapping, can create a different effect.

Other Tips:

The above advice, while useful, is not a dead rule. Be aware that everyone is different and it's not always up to your skin tone to decide what colors look good, try to experiment with as many different colors as possible.

Don't forget to consider lip liner when buying lipsticks, especially those in the red family.

Red lipsticks with a blue base will make your teeth appear whiter.

Don't put trial lipsticks from the mall on your mouth, they can have a lot of bacteria on them. Just rub it on your hand to try the colour.

Buy lipstick not only for the colour but also for the ingredients. Rub a little on your wrist and then rub the lipstick on your hand with a gold earring, gold necklace or other gold jewellery. If the gold jewellery turns black, the lipstick contains toxic chemicals, so don't buy it.

To make lipstick last longer, apply lip liner all over your lips (the lip liner should be the same colour as the lipstick) before applying lipstick. This way, even if the lipstick fades, a little colour remains on top of the lips.

Exaggerated eye make-up should not be matched with an exaggerated lip color, otherwise, it will look too much.

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